Pack & Detection

Automate packaging processes to increase overall efficiency in your facility. We have the technology and experience to create a custom system designed specifically to suit the needs of your business.

Packaging needs come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. Whether you are looking for standard equipment that packs same-size boxes or require something that packs and detects many different types of boxes, we can help. We work across vendors to create the perfect system for you.

Utilize scanning technology and metal detectors to check product for contaminants, improving overall safety and product integrity as efficiently as possible.

Case Packers

From standard to custom packaging systems, the machines we use can load at a variety of different speeds in horizontal or horizontal and vertical orientations, creating patterns for vertical loading or picking and packing products. Our team can fully automate and streamline packing operations for maximum performance and reduced labor costs.

Bag Inserting & Cuffing

Bulk Pack with Automatic Bag Inserters that open, insert, and cuff roll-stock plastic bags for a wide variety of boxes at a rate of up to 25 boxes per minute.

Uncuffing & Sealing

Close bags with Automatic Bag Uncuffers that lift the bag cuff off the box and fold it at a rate of up to 15 cases per minute.


Drop packers are designed to automate packing a wide variety of rigid containers (plastic, metal, and glass) of different shapes, weights, and materials at a range of speeds from 15 – 60 cycles per minute . Machines can be customized to integrate other features for constructing boxes or a flexible bag shingling system for packing flexible packaging.


Pick and Place Packers increase productivity while decreasing labor costs. Choose from a variety of machines that top load products into cases in multiple layers, six- and four-pack carriers, and more in a wide range of sizes, pack patterns, and speeds.


X-Ray Systems and Metal Detection Machines detect impurities and contaminants and remove them to ensure safe food production practices as efficiently as possible. Systems detect contaminants such as bones, knives, blades, syringes, machine breakage, sausage clips, plastics, glass splinters, etc. in packaged raw meat, sausage meat before the stuffer, packaged cold cuts, minced meat, and convenience foods.


Cartoners and Loaders drastically improve efficiency and production by automating the process of forming cartons and containers for packaging snack foods, bakery products, pizzas, crackers, or any other boxed products and loading the items into those individual containers. Machines ranging from entry level, hand-load cartoners to high-speed servo-driven cartoners and everything in between are available to support your specific cartoner and loading needs.