Carton Erectors

Secondary packaging provides protection and insulation for products in transit, making it an important step of the manufacturing process.

Automatic carton erectors help speed up operations by eliminating a large percentage of manual labor and streamlining processes for efficiency.

Stay competitive with automation in a market where personnel are scarce and labor costs continue to rise.

How It Works

Carton erectors are designed to maintain a steady workflow for high-capacity distributors and manufacturers looking to sustain 24/7 operations. Streamline the packaging process by automating it with machines designed to fold and construct corrugated cardboard blanks and apply a high-quality seal with glue or tape. Dual-opposed vacuum force grasps the corrugated blanks simultaneously from both sides to open them, and then synchronized dual chain drives transport the case through the closing/sealing section making sure cases are square as they exit the machine.

Efficiently and consistently erect boxes with automated packaging equipment to increase production and labor savings. Combi case erector machines promote easy changeovers and increase speed and efficiency. Integrate case erectors with case packers for a compact solution that packs products for shipping.



Pearson Packaging Systems offers both high-speed and low-speed case erectors for a wide variety of box sizes and styles. Some of their most efficient products can perform at a rate of up to 50 boxes per minute.

Assemble boxes with a specific type of casing to provide extra protection during transport to products that need it. Bliss boxes are durable and have a stacking strength ideal for fragile or heavy products. Bliss forming equipment eliminates a very labor-intensive, manual process and improves efficiency.

Tray forming machines create regular slotted trays, trays with lids, end-slotted trays, and design style trays such as carrier cases and bottle case trays. These machines ensure sturdy square containers with straight sides and properly applied glue for a consistent product with increased productivity.

Robotic random case erectors have a robot with a flexible end of arm tool that picks and erects a variety of sizes of cases, eliminating downtime due to changeover and the need for multiple case erectors. Random case erectors drive efficiency in your facility and save on cost and floor space.