About Us

Cole Packaging is a division of Cole Papers Inc, a wholesale company that has been serving customers since 1918, specializing in paper, janitorial supplies, and cleaning equipment. Cole has 11 locations that service North America and employs over 200 people.

Cole Packaging specializes in industrial packaging equipment, automation, and consumables. We are distributor partners with some of the main leaders in packaging automation and facilitate secondary industrial packaging and food packaging automation solutions for many of the leading companies in food Processing.

Why Cole Packaging

Automation through Cole Packaging costs the same as working directly with a vendor, but we provide complete project management from the initial quote to the Factory Acceptance Testing [FAT]. This includes recommendations, installation, training, and preventative maintenance, allowing your engineers to work on other projects. We also provide follow-up support and troubleshooting after projects are complete.

We do initial onsite visits to recommend ways to improve your process with automation including case erecting, case packing, case sealing, case weighing, case labeling, palletizing cases, stretch wrapping cases, weighing pallets, conveying pallets, and material conveying and handling. Automating these processes increases line speed, reduces costs, increases safety, and reallocates labor at a time when there is a shortage in the workforce.