Professional Integrators of Equipment, Automation, and Packaging

Serving Customers Since 1918


  • Cole has 11 locations that service North America
  • Our Engineering & Project Management Team facilitates solutions for Industrial & Food Packaging Automation (Erect, Pack, Seal, and Palletize)
  • We work with most large food processors across the country, automating their packaging process


  • Cole identifies opportunities for increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs through automation
  • On-Site Surveys: we walk through your facility and analyze packaging processes
  • Strategic recommendations are made for automating jobs and reallocating labor


  • Integration across manufacturers to create the perfect solution for you
  • Automation with Cole Packaging costs the same as buying directly from a manufacturer, but we coordinate all the moving parts
  • Every step of the process is overseen by us


  • Every stage of a project is coordinated by us from the initial consultation and quote to factory acceptance testing
  • Managed installation, training, and preventative maintenance allows your engineers to focus on other projects
  • Continued support provided after projects have been completed

How We Can Help

We serve customers throughout North America, integrating automation, equipment, and packaging to improve efficiency, increase line speed, reduce costs, and reallocate labor.